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Jan Buckard
CEO of Emma Marketing

App Development Dubai by Emma Marketing, you app agency Dubai

My name is Jan Buckard and i am the founder of Emma Marketing, your app design company in dubai.

For our clients we built Apps based on iOS, Android and Hybrid Apps that are easy to edit and have a great design. We are happy when you are happy with our results and our service.

Call us up or write us and get a free initial consultation as well as a non-binding offer today.

Your experts for App Development Dubai – Emma Marketing

Your App Development Agency in Dubai, the uae and abroad

Emma Marketing is your App Development Agency in Dubai. We build Apps for Dubai, the UAE and also for other countries in the world. So if you are not located in Dubai, don’t worry. We have clients from everywhere. Getting a new app is a wonderful thing and can be the beginning of a wonderful journey. But still it is also a lot of things to consider. Imagine you are building the foundation of a house and later you want to build the Burj Khalifa on top of it. It won`t work. In order to prevent yourself from such problems lets talk about your plans and our App Development Team will give you a free consultation where you can find out what is the best solution for you and if Emma Marketing is a great fit for you to work with. Just contact us.



App Development

Are you looking for a new App? We are your App development experts in Dubai. Get a free quote and a free consultation now.

App Design

If you are looking for a fresh and modern App with great design you are at the right place. We do App Design. Get a free quote now.

App Marketing

If you already have an app or want to market your new App then we help you out. Despite from Building Apps we are great in doing App Marketing.

App Programming

If you already have a Design for your App but you need someone to program and code it then contact us. We Do App Programming for you.

App Redesign

If you already have an App but you want to make a redesign then you can get a free consultation and talk with us about your goals.

Technical Support

Technical Support for Apps can be very important. Specially if you have a lot of customers you can`t risk long downtimes. Contact us for help.

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App Development & App Design Dubai: How you can benefit from us

If you build your own app you can benefit from it. No matter if you want to get independent from booking platforms or simply want to increase your customer relationship. Building an App with Emma Marketing offers different possibilities like Building an App for Services, Products, Chats and more. Get a free quote and a non-binding offer.

Android App Development Dubai

If you want to get an App based on Android we design and develop it for you. Our Developers can help you and tell you what operation system you should develop your App for. Get a free quote today.

iOS App Development Dubai

If you want to have an iOS App then our team of App Developers and App Designers will assist you with this. Let us know if you also want to market your app in the Appstore at a later stage.

Hybrid App Development Dubai

If you need an App for the different Platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) our App Developers will help you out. We design and develop great hybrid Apps so you can start a great e-commerce business.

App Marketing: Start building your e-commerce business today by creating a great App with Emma Marketing

If you want to increase sales and win new customers for your new app than you should think about App Marketing. Our App Marketing experts will love to give you a free initial consultation to discuss the possibilities tailored for your business.

App Development Dubai: What is important for you

  • App Launch

    If you launch a new app, despite from all the new techniques used, software mistakes can always occur. That`s why tracking your app is super important. If you need help with this or want to learn more about a successful App launch, contact us for a free consultation.

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  • App Store

    Each Appstore has its own guidelines. We know what to do when building an app for you. In the Apple Appstore and the Google Playtore users can leave you reviews and you can answer as the author of the app. If you need help with this let us know and get a free quote today.

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  • App development cost

    The costs for an app depend on various factors. The question is how many hours does it take to build your app. So if you have an app with hundreds of features, a login area and other functions like online payment etc. it costs more money than other apps. Contact us for a fair quote.

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  • Usability Tests

    When your app is live you have to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you launch your app and don`t do usability tests it might happen that you don`t find out what hinders your customers from purchasing. As your app development dubai company we offer you to do usability tests.

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  • App maintenance

    App maintenance is super important. If mistakes occur or you want ot improve the UX of your app you should do it fasts. If you have an app and don`t want to do the maintenance or don`t know how to do it then you can give us a call or send us an email. We help you with the App maintenance.

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Our Team: Experience Meets Innovation

Great results don’t come over night and a great company is build with a great team. Our Team consists of various experts in the field.

  • App developers

    Our App developers have the coding knowledge and know how to bring ideas into reality.

  • App Designers

    Our team of App Designers will create great App Designs for you.

  • UX Designers

    Our UX Designers can improve the conversion rates of your app.

  • App Marketing Specialists

    Our App Marketing specialists know what to do in order to win more clients for your app.

  • Project Managers

    Our project managers are your personal contact persons and will internally manage your project.

  • Digital Strategists

    Our Digital strategists will keep an eye on your long term goals and provide you with great input if needed.

App Development Dubai: Why contact us today

If you are thinking of getting a new App then take the first step and get a free consultation today. We will hear from you what you need and will see how we can help you. You are not forced to sign everything. If you have a good feeling we will provide you with a non-binding offer. Contact us via telephone, our contact form or via Email. We would love to build a great app for you and start the journey together. Talk soon.

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Web Design Dubai FAQ: Frequently asked questions to our Web deveopement professionals

What is App Development?

App Development, also Application development, is the process of creating an app, a program to perform on different devices like mobile phones, tablets etc.

What is App Design?

App design means creating a great user interface (UI) so the users will have a great user experience (UX). UI means that you have a great looking style, nice colors, fonts and a great look while UX focusses on the functionality and that the users love the usability of your app.

Should i build an App for iOS, Andorid or both platforms?

An App for both platform is most of the time a great solution. If you build your App for a big target group and these people have iphones, samsung phones etc. then you need two platforms. If you only build your app for your employees and they all have iphones than you could go with an app based on iOS only. Let us know what you need and we will give you a free consultation and make you a great offer.

What is a Cross-Platform App?

Cross-Platform apps are designed to function on multiple devices like the iphone (iOS), a samsung or a google phone (Android).

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