Is Emma Marketing a great fit for you?

Is Emma Marketing a fit for you?

No matter if you want a new website, get higher google rankings, start a social media campaign, get an app or simply want to have some graphic design works. Before starting a project together we always give you a free initial consultation. That is good for you to understand who we are and of course also for us since we want to understand who you are, what your needs are, if we can help you and of course what is the best solution for your business.


My budget is limited

Don’t worry. It is not the first time that we found a good solution for a startup company. Benefit from our free initial consultation and lets see from there if and how we can help you.


I am looking for a website

If you are looking for a new website or an e-commerce store we will analyze your needs. Do you need a website that is easy to update? Are you looking for a service website or an e-commerce store? For each situation there is a good cms to work with. To find out your best fit we will check your needs and see then if you need a wordpress homepage, a shopify store or a website build with another content management system. Important is that all websites are delevoped uniquely. That means we don`t use website construction kits but our team builds individual websites. For us it is important that you love your new website page.

SEO: I want to get higher google rankings

If you want to get higher google rankings there are many things to keep in mind. Although there are more than 200 ranking factors, the most important ranking factors are 1. content 2. links and 3. user experience. We know what to do in order to get higher google rankings. As an SEO agency we don`t work with contract terms so you can decide on a monthly basis if you want to continue working with us based on the results and the service we offer you. Ask us about the regulary reportings you get from us to understand what we did and to track the progress we made.

App Development & App Design

If you want to build a new app or if you simply need an App agency in Dubai who helps you working on your already existing App then we love to help you out. Before starting a project we will ask you the most important questions in order to understand your project. It is crucial to check some things before starting. From experience we know that people start building Apps and then after some month they want to add some additional features. But if you lay the foundation for a family house for example, for example, you can`t build the Burj Khalifa on top of it. If you want a free consultation send us a message via the contact form, our email adress, whatsapp or give us a call. We are happy to hear from you.

Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing

You want to promote an event, a new product or simply increase your reach by using social media marketing? Our social media experts know how to build up performance campaigns. On top of that they know the influencers that your business needs for collaboration.


Google Ads

You want to get on top of Google’s search results but you don’t have time? Then Google Ads could be a great idea. Our PPC experts build up great campaigns, set up the right conversion tracking and optimize the campaigns so you hopefully get the results you wanted.

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What our clients say

Emma Marketing is our go to address in the digital marketing field. We work with them in many fields. We mostly love their great Webdesign and their unbeatable SEO but also work together in other fields like app design and content creation. As a digital marketing business based in Germany we are famous for a high customer satisfaction so we are very picky choosing our partners. Jan and his team are the best in the digital marketing so we love working with them.

- Agentur Emilian

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