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Jan Buckard
CEO of Emma Marketing

Your Partner for higher google rankings

My name is Jan Buckard and I am the founder of Emma Marketing, your SEO company in Dubai. I have been doing SEO for many years now and helped clients from different countries and different branches get on top of google’s search results. No matter if you have an e-commerce store (online shop), a service website or a local webpage. If you are looking for higher google rankings we would love to help you. Just leave us a message using the contact form, write me an email/WhatsApp or simply give us a call and benefit from our free consultation, no contract terms and our personal relationship to our clients. If you don’t want to be a number in a system but want to do SEO that really works, get a free quote today and if you want to work with us or not, get your 3 free tips.

Our SEO services for you

Website audit / SEO check

You want to get higher google rankings but don’t know where to start? Book your SEO check today and get 3 free tips guaranteed.

Local SEO

You have a local business and want to rank higher in the google search results? You are interested in local SEO?

E-commerce SEO

You have an online shop and want to get higher google rankings for your category and product pages? Call us and get 3 free tips.

OnPage SEO / OnPage optimization

If you want to get higher google rankings you need great onpage seo. Fortunately we offer OnPage optimization without any contract terms.

Offpage SEO / Offpage optimization

Apart from OnPage optimization you need a lot of high quality backlinks to rank higher on google. We offer OffPage optimization without contract terms.

Technical SEO

Your page is very slow? You have problems with the google index? We help you with all the technical seo problems you might want to solve.

Page speed optimization

The core web vitals are very important for seo. So if you have a slow website then you might need to fix this. But since pagespeed is often not the key to higher google rankings, we will offer you a free check so you find out what your site really needs.

Youtube SEO

You have a youtube channel but want to get higher youtube rankings for your videos? As SEO experts we know what to do to get higher youtube rankings.

UX and Webdesign

No matter if you need some improvements or want an in depth analysis of your shop and the user experience. Our UX designers increase the conversion rates and help you with important website updates on top.

SEO content creation

Content is super important. If it doesn’t match search intent your site won*t rank for your keywords. As your SEO agency dubai we help you with the SEO content creation.

Brand building

Building up a brand is hugh for your SEO campaign. Branded search shows google that you are wanted and google might increase your rankings. We do brand building by creating great social media campaigns or even greater blog content.

Digital PR

PR is a super important part of your brand building campaign and often underrated. We help you creating your digital PR campaign.

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Your SEO UAE FAQ: Frequently asked questions to our SEO professionals

Is SEO always worth it?

Seo is a marketing strategy that is not appropriate for everybody although it is worth it for most people. Depending on the goal, other marketing strategies can be better options. For example if you want to get on top of google`s first page but you dont have the time to wait, you might think of google ads (PPC marketing) Alternatively if you want to promote something that doesnt exist yet like an event, where people are not looking for, you might think about other marketing strategies like social media marketing etc. But if you want to get higher google rankings then SEO should be on your radar. If you don't know if SEO is the right choice for you, just contact us and get a free consultation.

How is SEO in 2021 different?

There are a lot of google updates during a year since google wants to provide it*s users the best possible search results. Since the algorithm is much smarter than in 2010 for example, strategies that worked back in the days dont work anymore. That's where we come into play. Send us a message or call us and get a free consultation icluding 3 free tipps - guaranteed.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the process of identifying keywords that people enter in google to find products, services, information etc.

Should i hire a SEO Company for my business?

The answer depends on many factors. If you have the knowledge, the time, the experience and believe it is worth it doing it instead of other things (opportunity costs) you can also do it on your own. From experience we know that it is best for our clients to focus on what they do best and outsource seo to o professional seo agency. Often we saw people trying to do seo on their own: the thing is, a seo expert with 8 years of experience who optimized dozens of websites and thousands of keywords is probably a better choice so hiring the right seo company can definetly make sense.

What is search engine visibility?

Search engine visibility is the share of traffic that a website gets by ranking on a certain position in google or another search engine.

How long are your contract terms?

We believe that our clients should work with us because they love the service and the results. That's why we don't have any contract terms.

What is the cost of seo?

The cost of SEO consists of many factors. First of all, you pay an agency per hour for the seo work. On top of that it is the time you spend for doing seo on your own or trying to check the results. Furthermore you need relevant seo tools and knowledge. To become a seo expert you have to study a lot and while doing it you cant earn any money so the opportunity cost of seo is very high.

How can i improve my google rankings?

Unfortunately there is no guideline for doing it. Improving google rankings depends on many factors like onpage optimization, offpage optimization and other factors and for each keyword and every project there are other things that need to be done. If you want to have a free initial consultation to check what you/we can do to improve your rankings we would be happy to talk to you. You will (guaranteed) get 3 free tips no matter if you decide to work with us or not.

Can you also optimize for other search engines like bing?

Of course you can also optimize for bing, yandex etc. In many countries, specially the western countries, google is the no 1 search engine. However the search engines all want to deliver great results for the searches. So by optimizing your page for google you generally also optimize it for bing. If you want to optimize your page for google or another search engine just give us a call or write us and benefit from our free initial consultation and if you need help from our seo without any contract terms.

What is a seo agency?

A seo agency is a company that offers search engine optimization for its clients. Emma Marketing for example helps businesses to get higher google rankings. Use our free initial consultation and get your 3 free tips.

What is onpage optimization?

OnPage SEO or on-site SEO is the exercise of optimizing a certain web pages of a website for certain target keywords to get higher google rankings, more visibility and traffic. It consists of elements like headings, content, internal links, title tags, meta description optimization etc.

What is offpage optimization?

Offpage optimization is the practice of improving a website's ranking by building links etc. The necessary measures are taken off the page, so it is not the onpage optimization. A great offpage optimization campaign creates a ton of high quality backlinks with great DR.

What is linkbuilding?

Link building is the process of building hyperlinks (also called backlinks) to a certain web page in order to increase the google ranking for this page.

Do backlinks help my seo?

Many people say that links are not that important anymore but this is not true! Backlinks are the foundation of a great seo campaign. If you want to get higher google rankings you will need high quality backlinks. You want to know whether your problem is the content or the lack of backlinks? Get our free initial consultation and benefit from 3 free guaranteed tips for your website.

What is seo content?

SEO content is the content that aims to rank a web page or your website higher in the google search results. Text, images, graphics, tools, videos etc. are all relevant content forms that are often needed for a good working seo campaign.

What are the most important seo metrics?

For Emma Marketing the most important seo ranking factors are content, links and user experience. If you have a great CTR, a low back to serp rate and a good dwell time your website should benefit from it.

What is user intent?

User intent is the goal of an user typing certain keywords in a search engine like google. The user intent might be to find a company whre he can buy sth from or to get a list of the best restaurants in dubai etc.

What are user signals?

A User signal is a metric that google uses to identify search patterns. So if a user clicks on a search result but bounces back to google after some seconds google might interpret this the way that the user didnt find what he found.

With what branches do you work with?

We work with hundres of different branches. No matter if you are a local business, you have an e-commerce store or own a blog. We help you to geht higher google rankings for certain target keywords. Get your free initial consultation and guaranteed 3 tips now and contact us.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a platform like google where users can search for keywords in order to find what they are looking for. Famous search engines are google, bing, yandex etc.

Do you report on progress?

Yes, each month you will get a reporting that shows the progress in the rankings we made and of course what was done in the previous month so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Can you guarantee results?

If someone guarantees you any results i would consider to run away. It is totally unprofessional. Google has several updates a year and nobody knows what will happen so in case google says they only rank pages with blue colour higher on google one had to react on this update. By experience we know what we need to do to rank your website higher on the google`s search result. How fast the results come depends on many factors like what is the initial state of the website, how many hours we can work on the seo per month and which keywords you want to target. For some keywords it is easier to rank, others are highly competitive. If you want to get a free initial consultation and an analysis of your website, contact us. You will get 3 free tips guaranteed.

What Search engine optimization methods exists?

  • Getting indexed
  • Increase prominence
  • Prevent crawling
  • White- vs. blackhat techniques
  • Create content
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Improve user experience
  • Optimize title tag
  • Do keyword research
  • Optimize for voice search
  • Write long content that matches search result

Can SSL boost my SEO Ranking?

A SSL certificate is crucial for your rankings. Many browsers show that your site is not secure and this causes a lot of drop outs and increases the back to serp rate which is bad for your site.

Seo dubai jobs: can i apply for a job at jb digital?

We are always looking for seo talents. No matter if you have a long year experience or if you have the right attitude and want to learn seo, you can always apply for a seo job at Emma Marketing.

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